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The belief that astrology can know the human personality, the future, etc., based on the positions of the bodies in space. Astrology is not just about the human future, but also about the future of politics, country, economic, and so on. Some of the most important aspects of astrology are ..alphabetical


Tithi, Week, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana are called the five elements of the five elements. But today's Tithi, weeks are not tomorrow. As well as the star, yoga, karana. These five organs, which vary every day, are archetypes.

The book that describes these five is called the calendar.

This calendar book contains tithi, varadis, samvatsaras, ayana, masadis, elapsed days, eclipses, rituals, as well as planetary conditions, poisons, immortals, and other religious festivals that are useful for horoscopes. In addition, these five organs are briefly written by their initials.

It is necessary to know a little about this Tithi, Week, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana before unraveling the book.


The moon, full of sixteen spots on the full moon, gradually declines. Gradually, one by one, he disappears and disappears on the fifteenth day. The same new moon. Thus the next day of the full moon begins with Padya. Thus the total number of tithi is sixteen. If the fifteenth tithi is full moon in Krishnapaksha it is new moon. Tithi fifteen at a party. Tithi thirty in one month. But the total number of tithies is sixteen. Fourteen tithi repeats during the month.

Pratipat, Dwiteeya, Tritiya and Chaturthi Tithi are popularly known as Padya, Bidige, Tadige and Chauthi respectively. But it should be noted that these are not Sanskrit names.


Seven weeks. Usually we have a week for a group of seven days. Seven days a week.These seven weeks are in the name of the other seven planets apart from days, Rahu and Ketu separately. These weeks vary from sunrise to sunrise

Daksha Prajapati has sixty daughters. They gave twenty-seven children to the moon and married. The wives of the moon are twenty-seven stars. The surprise is that not all the sounds that tell these stars are feminine. If the root sounds are neuter, then the pussy and the hand are masculine. Therefore, a long trial does not prove that "Moolakshtar" is "Hasta Star". The original star, the hand star, must be applied.The moon travels from star to star on a daily basis.

Yoga : 

The word yoga in the alphabet is a noun, Vishkambhadi, which states twenty-seven yogas. Yoga, like the star, usually changes every day as there are 5 cubes.

Karana :

Elements of Bava and Balava are eleven. Astronomy considers the first seven particles as stabilizers, and the last four particles as variables. Two rays per Tithi.

The moon also counts. The lunar or group stars are classified into 27 constellations, such as Ashwini, which are the landmarks of the celestial moon (bhakra). Four-footed to a star. The earth chakra is divided into 12 piles, like Aries, into a pile of nine star feet. This is the zodiac. Rahu Ketu points to the Sunpath intersecting the moon path; Although these are counted in Navagrahas, they are considered photographs. The zodiac map, Rashi Kundali, refers to the star, feet and footprints of the sun and moon during birth. The sun has the same momentum (forward) from the west to the east. Other planets also have a curvature, they tend to slip backward (curved) and move fast. 

The sun moves farthest from Earth to Earth. Lord of the sun lion; The lunar catapult. Two zodiacal powers per other five planets. Each planet has strategic positions as the noble root triangles. Some people think that Rahu-Ketu is there too. The planet has hostility, ally, neutral vision, special vision; There are many cases. As well as harassment. Perception is owned by the stars, and every star is subordinate. 12 piles starched. This is Nirayan Bhachakra. The birth of 12 moods or houses, such as Lagnaway, is decisive. A feeling may be spread to two piles. First house of lag, tanu feel. All astronomical gaps thus have astrological signals. They are all signs. Take all these astrological factors and harmonize them. It's a personality trait, a prediction.



Vid.Shashank Sharma.


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