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In one of the rituals, South indian 
astrology is said to be the eye of the Vedas. Astrology therefore holds the highest position in the Vedantas. The three branches of astrology, the Surya, the Father, the Vasishtha, the Vyasa, the Garga, the Parashara, the Bhruka, the Shauna, have taught the world by their supernatural knowledge the three divisions of Siddhanta, Hora and Math. Planet, planetary motion, eclipse are related to mathematics. The Samhita section is concerned with the aspects of uguna dream, angst, rain etc. Hora or horoscope division is related to horoscope, bridegroom gathering, questioning, muhurta.

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A horoscope is necessary to know the consequence of human birth to death. Many scholars have shown that by taking the time of the birth of any human, recording the conditions of the time, making the horoscope of the horoscope, and summarizing the strengths of the planets through the theories of the capacious above, his life's results can be accurately stated.


The virtuous sin accumulated during the transfiguration is found in the form of Navratras in the name of Lalata line or fate during which the greetings are expressed as the results of life. Therefore, the person who knows this scripture is called a divine or astrologer.

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What was in the human past birth? Where was What is going to happen in this birth? What is the meaning of religion, meaning lust and salvation? What are the obstacles to his achievement? And what is the solution to those obstacles? Hora or horoscope can know all things.


The great professors such as Garga, Parashara, Jaimini, Varahamihira, Mantreswara, Vaidyanatha, Neelakantha etc. have done a lot of research and added to the basic theory. Explain each issue in different ways.


So be it Sanatana Dharma Bandha, Vedic diligence, shastra-sammata, ascetic maharshys, godly fears and devotion, you can reap the full benefits of this shastra. Astrology provides a great impetus for achieving the highest achievement in this birth without losing their legacy. Opens the eye. Alters vision. There is no doubt about this.

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by: Vid. Laxminarayan Bhat


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